April 1, 2015


Yesterday was Trans Day of Visibility, and I know, I’m late. I just wanted to share with you all my journey at present.

After much deliberation, I have concluded that I am a non-binary transgender queer person. This journey isn’t over though, and I have a long road to accepting myself as well. But, having my love’s support along with my friends and family, I think I can make it ok.

This semester has been rough like I posted a day or so ago, and part of that is accepting myself/dealing with dysphoria/depression and other college/work life issues. I know I will get through all of this in one piece as long as I continue to have the support and love I do now.

I don’t know where I will end up five or ten years from now; at one point, I thought I did. My life has changed so much since I graduated high school and moved away. I can’t imagine how it will be in the next two years.

Part of this journey is travelling. I have a year and half until college is over, but I can tell I will need some time to see what makes the natural world so beautiful.

Because: I am a part of nature, and I am beautiful.

A Personal To-Do List

1. read more books NOW

2. work on comics

3. buy some food for dinner

4. buy the cat food

5. think about what to eat tomorrow

6. stop thinking about food

7. maybe do some homework

8. find out work schedule

9. find a way to be cool

10. write a blog post

One Year With You

One year has passed,

and we have little time to

comprehend the amount of

adventures we enjoyed.

When I first saw you,

my heart felt a tugging

for I had never seen

a more beautiful person

so in touch with their individuality.

Your decided nature and

outward expression intrigued me

and grew in me an overwhelming

admiration for you.

Eventually, I came to love you

with everything I have and all

I am.

You are gentle to the touch and

compassionate in feeling;

still more I find to love in you

everyday we are together.

Though we are in strong

opposition, our minds;

bodies; spirits, are

intertwined in cosmic destiny.

Today, I am fortunate to wake

up with you every morning and

fall asleep with you every night.

I thank you. You have brought to me a sense

of self that I had never felt before.

To many years with you.

Higher Education

The governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, is considering cutting the budget this year for higher education though he has done so considerably in the past. Tuition for students in Louisiana has increased almost 100% over the last 5 years. As a result, some of the student population has been forced to drop out of university or transfer to local community colleges. This year the school system could face a $300 million budget cut. The cut puts most of the universities in Louisiana at risk for closure. Myself and thousands of other students would like to graduate at the same institution we started not to mention afford our education.

Raise awareness, share.  ‪#‎saveourschools‬ ‪#‎bobbyjindal‬ ‪#‎saynotocuts‬‪#‎highered‬