A Personal To-Do List

1. read more books NOW

2. work on comics

3. buy some food for dinner

4. buy the cat food

5. think about what to eat tomorrow

6. stop thinking about food

7. maybe do some homework

8. find out work schedule

9. find a way to be cool

10. write a blog post

One Year With You

One year has passed,

and we have little time to

comprehend the amount of

adventures we enjoyed.

When I first saw you,

my heart felt a tugging

for I had never seen

a more beautiful person

so in touch with their individuality.

Your decided nature and

outward expression intrigued me

and grew in me an overwhelming

admiration for you.

Eventually, I came to love you

with everything I have and all

I am.

You are gentle to the touch and

compassionate in feeling;

still more I find to love in you

everyday we are together.

Though we are in strong

opposition, our minds;

bodies; spirits, are

intertwined in cosmic destiny.

Today, I am fortunate to wake

up with you every morning and

fall asleep with you every night.

I thank you. You have brought to me a sense

of self that I had never felt before.

To many years with you.

Higher Education

The governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, is considering cutting the budget this year for higher education though he has done so considerably in the past. Tuition for students in Louisiana has increased almost 100% over the last 5 years. As a result, some of the student population has been forced to drop out of university or transfer to local community colleges. This year the school system could face a $300 million budget cut. The cut puts most of the universities in Louisiana at risk for closure. Myself and thousands of other students would like to graduate at the same institution we started not to mention afford our education.

Raise awareness, share.  ‪#‎saveourschools‬ ‪#‎bobbyjindal‬ ‪#‎saynotocuts‬‪#‎highered‬

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Wishing the best for my brother <3

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Fletch &amp; Truck

When we return to school tomorrow after Christmas break, there are two days left in the semester. This means my son has only two days left of high school. This blows my mind. It seems like yesterday I was rocking him to sleep. In three short weeks, he’ll be moving out of state to start school. He’s pictured above working on his baby–a 1965 Ford truck, which he’s rebuilt himself for the last three years. It’s now complete, as is another phase of our lives.

I thought this would get easier with each successive child, but it’s actually gotten harder. My oldest daughter is in her second year of college, and I’m just getting over the fact that she’s gone. Now another leaves the nest, and I have two more daughters to go. Each time, it feels as though I’m losing a piece of my heart, a piece of myself…

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New Year, New Relationships, New Beginnings

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

As 2014 has ended, 2015 has officially begun bringing with it a batch of fresh starts. At this point in my life, I have many relationships; all are on different levels and require different types as well as amounts of communication. It is with the new year that I am evaluating each relationship determining which ones are important and which are not. I determine this by observing how much each person adds to my life in terms of value.

For example, my siblings add so much value to my life. They bring me joy and laughter, they confide in me, we share our secrets and journeys, and we wish the best for each other. I would never cut them out of my life; no argument could be so serious that  I would do so. A friend/acquaintance may be a different situation. I have to ask myself: Is this person genuine? Are their intentions honest? Are they open with me and do not lie to me? If all these are a YES, then I consider how often we talk. Do we both make an effort? Do we click? If all of these are YES, then I’d say this relationship is worthwhile. I value honesty, loyalty, and morality. If you meet that criteria and we are close or in the process of becoming that way, then I don’t see why we wouldn’t be friends.

On the other hand, why should I waste my time on someone who doesn’t really care? Recently, my father -who I love and care about deeply- told me I was being too sensitive because I have expressed that I don’t give a damn about most people. I do not think I am being too sensitive. I know what I want, and I know who I want on that journey with me. Just because you are nice to my face does not mean you will make the cut. I need people who are engaging, intelligent, and not afraid to be who they are. I need people who are unapologetic. I need people on my side.

There is no room for fair weather friends or people who want to take credit for my accomplishments. There is no room for tag-alongs or flakes. You’re with me and ready to fight, or you are not. It’s that simple. I don’t need drama, and I don’t need you.

If that’s not clear enough, please: watch this video.

So, here’s to a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate that won’t be perfect. But, it will be messy and beautiful. I am so happy to spend this new year with my bride-to-be, and I hope our journey brings us closer through the years to come.

I love you, Marianne. I love you, Mom & Dad. I love you, brother and sisters.

Thank you.